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Lenka Černá


Lenka Černá - Partner, CHRO

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After graduating from the Secondary School of Economics in Prague, Lenka started to work as
a human resources manager at the important Czech company KOH-I-NOOR. She then worked in administrative positions at commercial companies, a law firm and also at STONE & BELTER, a company engaged in economic and financial consulting. As an operations manager, she was responsible for running the entire company. This was followed by another job opportunity at SAB servis, which provides services to financial consulting companies. Her job was to take care
of consulting companies or consultants in the field of education (training, conferences) and communication with partners (insurance companies, banks).

During her many years in administrative positions, Lenka has extensive gained experience in administration and acquired organizational and communication skills.

Lenka joined ECOVIS FACTA in the spring of 2016, and as an Office Manager she was responsible for the smooth running of the office and contact with clients, and she ensured the necessary administrative processes associated with the operation of the office.

Now Lenka is the CHRO and is responsible for all tenders and the complete process of hiring new employees and their subsequent care. Furthermore, Lenka ensures the establishment of new companies and all changes in the commercial registers according to the needs of clients. Thanks to her excellent organizational and communication skills, Lenka ensures communication with all authorities and handles various permits, applications, etc.

It is very important for Lenka to communicate with people and to make people around her feel good.

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