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Anastasiia Korotych

Payroll Accountant 

Anastasiia Korotych - Payroll Accountant


In 2017, Anastasiia successfully completed a bachelor's degree at the V. Het'man National University of Economics in Kiev - majoring in business economics. In 2019, she completed a follow-up master's degree at the CULS in Prague, majoring in operations and economics. In her diploma thesis she focused on evaluating the effectiveness of a startup in conditions of uncertainty and risk.


Before joining our company ECOVIS FACTA, she gained experience in creating business plans. After arriving in the Czech Republic, she started working as a payroll accountant.


At ECOVIS FACTA, Anastasiia works as a payroll accountant. It is not a foreign issue of employing foreigners in the Czech Republic.


In her free time she likes to follow new trends in fashion, travel or do sports. Among other things, he spends time with his friends.


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